Finca Museum. A hidden treasure of century-old vineyards

In the late 1990s, Grupo Barón de Ley decided to expand beyond the Rioja DOCa (Qualified appellation of Origin). After extensice scouting arond several regions, we fell in love with the Cigales Designation of Origin, a territory with a long-standing wine growing tradition and a tremendous heritage of century-old vineyards that had abandoned due to a shortage of winery projects in the area.

bodegas_museum panorámica bodega

Having agricultural engineer Tomás Jurío take the helm of the project speaks volumes about the importance of the vineyards at Finca Museum. He worked for years seeking out little treasures, earmarking vineyards that the winery gradually purchased from local wine growers, to eventually establish an estate covering over 200 hectares.

And thus Finca Museum came along into being in the year 2000.