The soul of our wines

Our vineyards sit atop a layer of pebbles that gather heat during intense summer days and the first days of autumn, and release it at night, thus helping the phenols and flavours in the grape to ripen perfectly.

This, together with the age of the vines, most of them over 50 years old, produces very low yields per hectare, but with a quality that is hard to find.

The entire vineyard is worked manually, with great care. We do not use chemical fertilizers, but rather organic conditioner based on sheep manure. The gobelet-trained vines are harvested manually and the grapes transported in small boxes so they can be processed at the sorting table.

Trigueros del Valle

Los Hurones Estate


Miraflores Estate


Sallana Estate


Las Canteras Estate


La Renacida


Marigonzález Estate

Corcos del Valle

Perdiguero Estate


Miralrio Estate


Boga Estate